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Making Gif Shapes Into Circles

Posted by Tanya on December 9, 2013 at 2:10 PM

Hello. :)

There has been a request that I show how to make gifs into different shapes. So, I thought starting out simple with a circle shape would be best, then I will possibly add new shapes down the road. Starting off easy is the best way to practice the basic foundation! :)


1. Open up the gif you are looking to cut your circle shape from. Then, take the circle selection tool (which you may have to hold down the square shaped tool that is the default in order to get to the circle) and while holding down shift, drag your cursor outward to the size you want to make. After that, while still using the circle tool, hover over the center of the circle in order to drag it to the proper location over top of the gif, making sure what you want is visible.


2. Next, we need to eliminate the rest of the background around our circle. So, what you do is select the inverse of your circle selection by going to the top options "Select > Inverse." Or, if you know the keyboard shortcut, it's "Shift + Crl + I."

3. While being on the first layer and also the first frame of your timeline, press the delete button on your keyboard. This will remove the background leaving it transparent.

4. You will then click on the next layer in your layer window and also unhide it so that it is visible. After that, you will press delete (the circle selection should still be around your gif) so that the background can then be erased from that layer. You will repeat these steps going all the way through your layers by making them visible, then deleting the background.


5. This is what your screen will look like after you have completed going through and deleting all of the backgrounds from the circle. After that, take the selection tool and click your cursor off the side of your image to deselect the circle. (Keyboard shortcut Crt+D)

6. Next, click back to your first layer, which will also bring you back to your first frame of your gif.

7. Then, while holding down shift, click on the last layer of your gif so that they are all highlighted and selected.

8. Now, take the Move tool and drag the gif into the graphic that you are going to place it on. (If these are your plans.)

9. Now that the gif is on the graphic, you may want to resize the gif, depending on the original size. Mine is a bit too big for my graphic, so in order to scale it the keyboard shortcut is Crtl+T. But, you can also go up to the options in the top bar "Edit > Free Transform." While keeping the entire gif layers highlighted and also holding shift on the keyboard, drag the corners of your image to make it either smaller or larger. After you are happy with your sizing, make sure to keep the Shift key down before you let go of your cursor click, because then it will keep a proportioned size.


10. The next couple of steps are not neccessary, but something extra that can be added. For this example, I will be adding a Drop Shadow to the gif. So, what you need to do is click on the first layer of your gif in the layer window so that is the layer that is visible. Which, you then will double click on it so a window will pop up.


11. This is the window that pops up with several different options. What I am doing for this is to add Drop Shadow. You can change up the options within the Drop Shadow to your liking, mine are displayed for my specific example. You can also add a stroke to your gif if you would like to outline it too. There are countless things to add, but to keep it simple I chose the Drop Shadow.


12. Now it's time to animate the gif! (if you do not have a timeline visible at the bottom of your workspace, go to "Window > Timeline." If the timeline is still not showing, click on "Create Frame Animation" which is shown on my previous image. If you are unsure how to animate, please refer to my other tutorial! :)


13. This is how your workspace should look once the entire gif is animated. If you would like to add text after the gif is animated, be sure to highlight your entire timeline (all the frames in the gif) so that the text is added to all the frames. Then, also make sure that the text layer in your layers window is on the very top layer. Also, make sure that the gif repeats "forever." Which there is a drop menu for that under your timeline!

***To save a gif: "FIle > Save For Web... > pick gif in the drop menu! :)

I hope this was helpful! If you need any further help, don't be afraid to leave a comment!

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